Apache ant 1.6.5 manual

MySQL Connector/J 5.1 Developer Guide 3.4 Installing from Source We recommend that you start Smart Frog using the packaged scripts. Instructions in this section is only for users who, for various reasons, want to compile. Apache Ant version 1.8.2 or newer available from

CIPRES When this is done, there should be no need to set the class path as it is set within the scripts. Apache ant version 1.6.5 available here. version of gz, and follow the instructions above to install it in a different directory.

Upgrading DSpace - DSpace 5.x Documentation - DuraSpace However, if the user does not use the scripts, he/she has to set the classpath. The scripts provide some of the more common use models for the Smart Frog framework. These instructions are valid for any of the following upgrade paths. Apache Maven 3.0.5 or above; Apache Ant 1.8 or above; Database.

Software development — GeoNetwork v2.10.4-0 Developer Manual The classpath settings are determined by the use of security and/or remote class loading. They are provided primarily to give users a simple way of experimenting with the framework and are useful for running the examples provided with the distribution. If you need a stronger one, you can install Tomcat from the Apache Software Foundation It provides. Ant - GeoNetwork uses Ant to build the installer. Version 1.6.5 works but any other recent version should be OK.

Step by step building guides for different platforms - Apache. All the scripts assume the following: It is, of course, possible to use remote class loading and security together. Ant will live in ~/ant and we need to download it manually. $ cd $ wget.

JBoss ESB 4 - Documentation However, it should be noted that it is left to users to create appropriate scripts for their specific environment, those provided are merely examples demonstrating what must be done. The building of JBoss ESB is enabled through the use of Apache Ant. The use of Ant will make building JBoss ESB easy. We recommend Ant version 1.6.5.

How to install Apache Ant on CentOS - Linux FAQ - Xmodulo The full set of environmental variations is too great for a generalized script set to be provided. Apache Ant is an open-source tool for automating Java program build process. Similar to how the make utility builds an executable from source.

Apt - how to install ANT in ubuntu 14.04 - Ask Ubuntu I am new to Ubuntu and I am trying to install Apache ANT in Ubuntu. I downloaded the package apache-ant-1.9.4gz and in a terminal I.

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