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Http www oracle com technetwork database upgrade 11gr2 upgrade. One of the drawbacks of a Managed Standby is that if you actually need to temporarily use the standby in a read write mode, you would have to rebuild the standby because opening the database read write requires an open reset logs, creating a new instantiation. Although a manual upgrade gives finer control over the upgrade process, it is more. Beginning with Oracle Database 11g, Data Guard physical standby.

Creating a Physical Standby Database However in 10g and beyond, you can use flashback database to return the standby database to a point in time before you opened it read write. The steps described in this chapter confure the standby database for maximum performance mode, which is the default. See Oracle Database SQL Reference.

ORACLE DBA Knowledge Share Clone the database and make standby. "Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference", with 950 pages of tuning tips and scripts. Create the oracle password file in the clone database oracle_home. complete, but does not place the standby database in manual or managed recovery mode.

Http www <i>oracle</i> com technetwork <i>database</i> upgrade 11gr2 upgrade.
Creating a Physical <i>Standby</i> <i>Database</i>
<em>ORACLE</em> DBA Knowledge Share Clone the <em>database</em> and make <em>standby</em>.
Logical vs Physical <em>Standby</em> <em>database</em> <em>Oracle</em> FAQ
<strong>Manual</strong> Physical <strong>Standby</strong> Failover - Activate <strong>Standby</strong> <strong>Database</strong> -.
<i>Oracle</i> - Convert physical <i>standby</i> to standalone <i>database</i> - Stack.
Step By Step Guide On Creating Physical <strong>Standby</strong> Using RMANASM.

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