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Raynox Hh Definition Conversion Lens Accessories for SONY. I gave it a few hard hits on all sides, turned it on again and now it works! Once I hit it three times really hard and turned it on it started to work again. Harvey Fri, 0000 I smashed mine against a wall (E). Barry Thu, 0000 i'm ultra p*ssed off, i can't get my dcr-hc90 fixedi smooshed it repeatedly and its damaging things without getting actual resultsi'm getting a blue screen then a black screen then the gay E flashing errorastro Wed, 0000 Have Cybershot T70 with E60 error. I decided to see how expensive it would be to get this one fixed. After reading all of the similar posts, I reluctantly dropped my camera from 6” heht onto the carpeted floor. Just a few hits with my hand and everything is back to normal. Wide mode - Taken with SONY HDR-CX550V, HDR-SR12 AVCHDcam). 37mm/43mm/46mm filter size, Lens pouch, Lens caps, Instruction manuals.

Sony HDR-SR11E - Cyfrowe.pl I have atteed to continue to use it with some success. I hope I can get some use out of it before I get back to the states. Mike S Tue, -0700 I m facing the same problem .... Devesh Neema Sat, -0700 Hi, I have the same problem with my T 9 Sony dital Camera . I just talked to sony customer service and they wanted me to send in my camera for over 0 fee to fix my E: on my sony cyber-shot. My Sony DSC-T10 also had the E: blinking and the focus was all blurry. Ann Bickley Thu, 0000 NEVER in a million years would I thought smacking what when I bought it was a pretty expensive camera would be a good idea. NEVER DROPPED, maintained and still received E:Of course to fix it, 0.00 just to open it up. SO, with that in mind I powered on and off a few times as a lat resort. Reading everyone's experiences, I smacked it against the palm of my hand quite firmly 2 times and it started working, although I was a bit skeptical reading all the stores here. I too had the loss of autofocus with flashing error message E:. I tried to focus the energy while hitting it as close to the lense as possible to maximize the energy and minimize the damage. Gregg Sun, 0300 Have had this camera for about 6 years. Didn't make sense, so I happened upon this site, and am sure happy I did. Podręcznik kamery. Handycam. HDR-SR11E/SR12E. Korzystanie z kamery. instrukcja „PMB Guide” znajdująca się na dostarczonej płycie CD-ROM. Typy kart.

Compatible Sony Camera Battery NPFH100 7.2V Maplin I would like to use my cam for the duration of my vacation, but keep getting the error code when trying to use the camera. Mike S Thu, -0700 I don't have the manual for the DCR-HC90 handy, but assuming that it is the same as the DCR-TRV350 error codes then it means: Chieh Cheng Sun, -0700 Well it just started for no reason that I know of. Anyway, gave it a few hard whacks of increasing intensity on different ends of the camera, turned it off and on, and now it works again! -jb Jeffie Baby Tue, -0700 well I tried it also in my DCR-HC30E camera and nothing was fixed :-(costas Sat, 0000 Wow! After shuting donw and open up couple of time, the auto focus stop and I got this error and the C: alternatly when I open it. Katharina Amport Wed, 0000 Thanks for the hitting solution. After three attempts it seems to have fixed the problem. We've had the E flashing for a couple of months, and we weren't sure if we should spend the money to send it in or just buy new one. El felxo del lente esa en la parte superior es de color cafe y un tanto grande. arma conecta y revisa tambien si se visualiza en la tv con tu cable. Aldrete Wed, 0000 Hi All, Thanks for sharing your experiences. I've got a Sony DCR-HC90 with Carl Zeiss Lens and I was very disappointed when t his E: started flashing and the lens would not focus. excellentmary Sun, 0000 WOW its like a nintendo LOL TOTALLY WORKS WHEN YOU DROP IT A FEW TIMESLawson Thu, 0000 I have a Sony DCR-HC90, maybe 6 years old. Nonna Sat, 0300 wow thanks for that, my wife used our sony 306e at christmas filming the kids opening the stockings in bed, she went into the lounge to film them opening their main presents and NO FOCUS E6100 ON SCREEN just looked at this site 2 hard palm slapps no costly repair bill after christmas! mveplus Wed, 0300 A few whacks against my hand not only fixed the auto focus/zoom error, it also fixed the color problem that tinted everything red. Looked online for solutions, and got as far as being told to replace the ribbon cable. Please see your instruction manual for your battery part number. This battery is compatible with the following cameras. DCR-30 DCR-DVD103 DCR-DVD105.

Operating Instructions Please help us Razack Sat, -0800 I have the same camera - it's fab. I had no autofocus or zoom capabilities with the lever, and the camera indicated full zoom. Manual focus worked okay if I used the touch screen. Robert Tue, 0000 i got the same problem after my camera make weird sound, and I think it was the auto focus that the mechanism did. Popo Sat, 0000 Thank you very much for your help, it worked also with my caqmera! Mike Sat, 0000 Wow, I baby my camera, but both the zoom & auto focus stoped working (E) hate paying for repairs, so the idea of hitting my camera in order to fix it was hard to do, but as I hate paying for repairs, I decided to put my faith in the suggested fix, first a few half hearted knocks, without results, so I decided a harder surface was needed, so with the same half hearted knocks but onto a granite bench instead of wood, and presto, avoided repair bills, the problem is fixed, mht try this method on other stuff lol. I just woke up to my fiance laughing his head off, reading about everybody wacking there cameras. Jana Tue, 0000 MY sony dcr-trv310 has laid around for years , it looks like new an the keeps on flashing , so i turned it on an banged it on the desk an guess what it works NOW THANKSmike mclendon Wed, 0000 Hi, I live in Brazil. Para la revisión pueden destapar la tapa en donde se introduce la tarjeta de memoria y si ahi estan bien conectados los tres flexos que son visibles si tendras que destapar, fijate en donde van conectados para que no te cueste trabajo armar. I have a 10 / 11 year old DSC-S30 that just started a E: error code today (fuzzy shots...) I smacked it in the palm of my hand thinking "this is a joke just to make people look like idiots."It's now working. Robyn Tue, 0000 well i tried hitting it and now the dispaly screen is dark too. i cant get any images off it since i cant selct anything on it. one more camera fixed this way: instead just dropping lht knocking the tip where the lenses are of hard surface covered by the soft material (you don't want to damage anything) auto focus on-off, camera on-off multiple times. It's my daughter's first fure skating competition day and now I will be able to record at least her second program! Removed the battery and hit it three times once on top on the cassette side and on the bottom and no more Error :)Thank you! Instructions. Read this first. Dital HD Video Camera Recorder. HDR-FX1. manual thorougy, and retain it for future reference. WARNING. To prevent fire or.

Sony Handycam HDR-SR12 Hh-Definition Camcorder PCWorld Metin TOY Mon, -0800 I have sony model no: DCR-SR80E, I have received error message E61? John Fri, -0800 Try turning the camera on and give it a b whack on a hard surface. When I started her up, error code 61.10 was flashing. Revise los flexos para ver si estaban correctamente conectados, y ahi encontre el problema. Oct 26, 2008. The Handycam HDR-SR12 can record over a dozen hours of. In my hands-on use outside the Test Center, the Sony camcorder captured. the lens, offers quick access to manual focus, aperture, and white balance settings.

User Settings - Welcome to Tiffen - Steadicam Merlin Cookbook. My TVR22 fell out of my lab coat pocket onto a tile floor. It saved me 1.00.tambochasqui Tue, 0000 Pues dejen comentarles que tenia el problema en mi handycam el error de E: y le di varios golpesitos pensando que si era algo del lente, pero no, mejor en lugar de destruirla mas, me sente con calma y la destape. SONY HDR SR12E NP-FH60. kg. cm, 1 Finish, 1 Start 1 Finish, 30,0 cm, H, +0.5, -7, NO. SONY HDR SR12E + WIDE ANGLE LENS VCL-HG 0737

Sony Handycam HDR-SR12 - Photo Review geo1671 Sat, -0800 Wow - thanks for the great info! Its hard to believe but smack the crap out of it on something hard. May 1, 2008. Pressing the manual button switches between auto and manual adjustment and users can assn a frequently-used function to the Cam Ctrl.

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