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Práctica 0 Seminario de Rational Rose - Departamento de. Displays the Add Watch dialog box, in which you can specify the name of a Basic Script variable. Aprender a manejar los fundamentos de Rational Rose. • Comprender. ubicarían el modelo del negocio, el modelo conceptual, el modelo de casos de uso del.

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Visual Modeling with Rational Rose 2000 and UML 2nd Edition. Activates the Step Over command, which executes the next line of a Basic Script script and then suspends execution of the script. Augmented by the Rational Unified Process, an extensive set of software development guidelines, and the Rational Rose. a better manual than the tutorial.

Práctica 0 Seminario de <i>Rational</i> <i>Rose</i> - Departamento de.
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Visual Modeling with <strong>Rational</strong> <strong>Rose</strong> 2000 and UML 2nd Edition.
IBM developerWorks <em>Rational</em> cal library

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