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About GAUI TSH GAUI · Fewer parts; no flybar, paddles, seesaw, mixing arms, washout base, links etc. TAI SHIH HOBBY CORPORATION TSHobby GAUI established in Taiwan in. Release 200 class Ultimate electric powered helicopter Hurricane 200 V2.

GAUI Hurricane 200 V2 SE BuzzFlyer UK · Mechaniy simpler and easier setup (and repair) · Lower air resistance (drag) means 10-15% increase in either power or flht time. The GAUI Hurricane 200 V2 is one of the smallest 3D capable helicopters equipped with all CNC precision metal parts. Comes with painted. Specifications.

Manual Kits TSH GAUI · More responsive with programmable response rate · Less weht · Scale looks and sound! Manual Kits. Engine Helicopter. Download not found GAUI-NX4. Electric Helicopter. GAUI-X7F GAUI-R5 GAUI-X5 GAUI-X5 FES GAUI-X5 Lite · GAUI-X4 II.

GAUI Hurricane 200 V2 FES Flybarless BuzzFlyer UK · Overall length: 415mm (including cabin & canopy) · Main rotor diameter: 428mm · Tail rotor diameter: 100mm · Motor: KV5600 brusess motor (included) · ESC : 18A ESC (included) · Flying weht: 285g ~ 305g (It may vary according to size of a battery pack and R/C gears.) · Main rotor blades: 200mm SP Blades(included) or Wooden(option) · 6 (or more) channel heli-capable transmitter (with CCPM function) · 3 hi-torque Sub-micro or Micro servos for CCPM (Recommendation : Speed faster than 0.15sec/60 deg, Torque hher than 1.5kg/cm) · 1 Micro Dital servo for tail control. Drone Flying Safety Guide. Skip Navation Links Home GAUI Hurricane 200 V2 FES Flybarless. Specifications Overall length 415mm including cabin.

Gaui Archiv - RC-Heli Community Swash plate linkages are all vertical to the servo arms. Temperatur Problem Hurri 550 · gaui 200 V2 Bedienungsanleitung Deutsch · Gaui 200 V2 Wie Gaui Regler einlernen? Hurricane 550 · GAUI Hurricane 425.

DOWNLOADs TSH GAUI Belt driven tail rotor system with one-way main gear. The swash plate and the rotor head system equipped with all precision CNC titanium anodized aluminum. Overall length: 415mm (including cabin & canopy) Main rotor diameter: 428mm Tail rotor diameter: 100mm Motor: KV4800 brusess motor (included) ESC : 12A ESC (included) Flying weht: 260g ~ 280g (depending on battery pack and R/C gears.) Main rotor blades: SP Blades(included) or Wooden(option) Flying duration: 6~7 minutes with 7.4v/800mah Li-Po battery 6 (or more) channel heli-capable transmitter (with CCPM function) 4 Micro servos (BMS 306BB servo is recommended) 6 (or more) channel micro receiver Micro gyro ( GY-401 or heading lock gyros are recommended) Battery : Li-Po battery (7.4v~11.1v/550~800mah) Charger: Li-Po battery charger 1 x Gaui GU210 Headlock Gyro 3 x Hitec HS-45HB servos 1 x Futaba S3154 dital tail servo 1 x 860m Ah 11.1V 33C lipo Extensive upgrade parts and option parts available! Manual Kits PDF LOGO-01, Manual Parts PDF LOGO-02, Manual Common Parts PDF LOGO-03, Manual Software LOGO-04.

Gaui Hurricane 200 V2 - YouTube CNC titanium anodized aluminum and Carbon Fibre composite result in a lht weht and rid tail gear case. Druhy let s Hurricane 200V2 - velmi zivy vrtulnicek.

Hurricane 200 - HeliFreak - Discussion and support of the Gaui Hurricane 200. Sticky Gaui 200 EP V2 Manual · Finless. 5, 1,650. Reluctant Sale of Gaui 200 V2 FES Combo #203931.

RC Helicopter PDF manual downloads - Trex 450SE Aln T-REX 550E 3G. Aln T-REX 450 SE V2. Gaui. Gaui X5. download.asp?sn=538. Gaui 200 V2. GAUI200_V2

TSH GAUI Home. Previous; Next. 12. Happy Chinese New Year 2017WEB · X5 V2HOME · GX9 page-1 · x7-fz · R5 page-EN · x5-v2 · x3l-3-blades.

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