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KIO Technology LLC The K4KIO Hexagonal Six-band Wire Beam By Don Keith N4KC have this thing about people who write reviews the day after they get a piece of gear, going pro or con based on first impressions. You must insure that while the hexagonal beam is in operaon neither people or pets can come in contact with any poron of your antenna.

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HEXAGONAL BEAM BY K4KIO - KIO Technology But I'm breaking that rule here because I want to support a company that does things the rht way, and because I know already the glowing review I am giving this antenna and its manufacturer is more than deserved, even before I put RF into the feedline. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS v5. Add Band Kit to the KIO Technology G3TXQ Broad Band Hexagonal Beam. The Add Band kit consists of the following.

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Hexbeam by K4KIO Product Reviews - eHam First, let me note that Leo K4KIO lives a few miles from me, but we had never met (still haven't) or spoken before I ed to order the beam. Hexbeam by K4KIO product reviews by real people like you. Only at. No missing pieces, great materials and clear instructions. When I did have.

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KIO Store KIO Technology Secondly, let me make clear that I built my own homebrew hexbeam over two years ago, based on Leo's detailed instructions on his website, and it has been a FB performer...exactly what I needed in my limited space..continued to amaze me with its performance until a few weeks ago (more on that in a second). For example, a mono band 20 meter hexagonal beam can be. Order the KIO Broadband Hexagonal Beam, Price. for each band ordered and clear, easy to follow installation instructions. Reviews of the K4KIO HEX Beam.

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